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Groove ESP and Tournament Classic Series rods are here! Theserods
can be acquired at select tackle stores or at our online store.


ESP based handle Tournament Classic Handle
ESP Bait Caster
Tournament Classic Series Bait Caster
ESP based handle Tournament Classic Handle
ESP Spinning Handle or Tournament Classic Series Spinning Handle

Bait Casting Rods

The “Jig” Rod- The name says it all. This is a heavy action rod designed for heavy flipping, pitching, and casting jigs and heavy texas rigs. The Jig rod is designed for 20lb plus flurocarbon and braided lines.

The “Baby Snake”- Like our best selling rod! The Baby Snake is a versatile texas rig rod that has a lighter action than the Snake rod but can be used for shakey heads. This new addition is 7 foot long and only weighs 3oz.

The “Snake”- Our best selling rod! The Snake is a versatile texas rig rod that has a lighter action than the Jig rod but can be used for flipping jigs, casting football head jigs, and of course texas rigs. Some of our customers even use it for heavy spinnerbaits and shallow cranking. It is designed for 12-17lb line and half ounce to one and a half ounce applications.

The “King Snake”- Just like our Snake rod, but this big boy comes in a 7 foot 3 inches for those wanting a little bit more!

The “Huntin’ Stick” Rod- The primary application for this rod is Carolina rigging. It is a heavier action rod with a quick tip that is super sensitive. Most guys pair it with a braided main line for even better hook sets and sensitivity.

The “Trick Spin”- A more medium action rod with a lighter tip than The “Snake.” The bank is designed for spinner baits and heavier shallow cranks. 10-15 lb line is recommended.

The “Trap-n-Rap”- As the name suggests, this rod works well for use with lipless cranks and smaller medium and shallow diving cranks up to 12ft deep. The “Trap-n-Rap” has a very light action tip that transitions into a stronger backbone. This helps to keep the fish on the line while allowing the angler to maintain control. Pairs best with 8-12lb line. This blank also comes as a spinning rod if wanted. 8-14 lb line

The “Topwater” Rod- The lightest action bait casting rod that we make. The top water rod is designed to keep fish hooked up with larger top water baits. The “Topwater” is also a good lipless crankbait rod. It pairs best with 10-17lb monofilament line.

The “Frog and Rat” Rod- A heavy action rod designed for heavy braided lines and casting distance. The primary application for this rod is fishing frogs in heavy cover such as lily pads and grass mats. 20-65lb line.

The “Missile” Rod- This rod is built to handle deep cranking in water over 15 feet. The Missile’ rod has a soft tip with a solid backbone that makes it perfect for reeling down large cranks to maximum water depth. Most rods we sell are 6-7’ long, however, for longer casting and more power this rod is made up to 7’10” long.

The “Magnum Crank” Rod- This is the only rod we make that is fiberglass. It is 7’10” long and outcasts any rod on the market. It is a very light rod that is solid enough to handle the biggest of crank baits. This line is by special order only since it typically does not sell well, but we can make as many as needed.

The “Missile Light” Rod- This rod is in between the actions of the “Trap-n-Rap” and the “Missile” rods. It is perfect for 10-15’ cranking. 8-15lb line.

We will also be bringing out a new 7’10” cranking rod in the near future that can handle up to a three quarter ounce lure.

Spinning rods

The “Bullet”- This is a finesse action rod that transitions into a heavier backbone for better control of the fish. The “Bullet” is excellent for use with lighter lines when fishing a shaky head or a weightless Senko. I use it for fishing a light texas rig as well.

The “Super Shot”- A true finesse rod. The “Super Shot” is perfect for light (6-10lb) fluorocarbon lines and times when the fish are on a very light bite. When the fish are finicky and bite is nearly undetectable, the “Drop Shot” is sensitive enough to detect even the lightest bite.

The “Flick N Shake”- A heavier action, spinning rod that works well with soft stick baits and texas rigs. It can be used for cranks and spinner baits as well as most any applications for plastics such as wacky rigging.

Guido’s Little Tube Rod”- The Little tube rod is perfect for skipping plastics into tight places. It has a light tip and is a shorter blank than most of our spinning rods (5’ 6” to 6’)

The “Heavy”- This rod is ideal for pairing with braided line to throw texas rig and weightless stick baits into thick cover. It is our heaviest action spinning rod and also can be used for throwing spinner baits as well.

Vertical jigging rods for salt water applications are also available. They come in 250, 325, and 500 gram sizes.

We also produce several spinning rods for salt water application such as the “Flats Classic” as well as speckled trout rods.

In addition to the ESP’s we have a line of Classic Tournament Series rods which are designed similar to most of our other blanks but do not have the spiral rod wrapping, the ESP handle design, or the Rocket Guide System.


We redefine “Custom Rod Building” by searching for new
materials of different characteristics and higher strengths so that
we can build and produce many of our own parts in order to achieve
the end result… A BETTER ROD!

Please inquire about specific features that could be included on your special rod.
No use of “off-the-shelf” or “cookie cutter” assembly here!


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